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 How much do your services cost? 

Please see my services page here

What kind of weddings do you preform? 

I preform weddings for all faiths and sexualities. In the past I have preformed themed weddings (surrounding favorite books), Christian, Pagan, Wiccan, LGBT, traditional and non traditional weddings. 

How can we get a marriage license? 

Here is information for Union County Residents. If you are in another county please see your county's information.

May we write our own vows? 

Yes! Your wedding should be the way you want it. You can write your vows, I can assist, or we can work in partnership to create them. 

Are you able to meet with us before the ceremony? 

Yes! I suggest meeting for most ceremonies. I can meet with you as many times as you would like. Usually wedding ceremonies can be planned in one or two meetings. 

Our wedding is out of town. Will you preform our ceremony? 

I can preform weddings only in Ohio at this time. Some travel fees may apply for weddings outside of the Marysville/Columbus area. 

How do you plan a wedding ceremony? 

I have an extensive questionnaire for you to fill out. This will help me plan your wedding around your specifications. 

How much notice to you need in order to book a wedding? 

I can usually book a quick ceremony with a day or two notice. For larger weddings, or those that need planned I will need at least a month's notice. 

How long is the ceremony?

This depends on what type of ceremony, what traditions, and what elements you would like incorporated in your wedding. Most last 30 minutes or under unless they are more involved ceremonies. 

What do you wear? 

I can dress to your specifications. Usually I wear a black dress and a grey shawl (for colder weather)

What forms of payment do you accept? 

Venmo, cash app, cash and private checks. 

Do you stay for the reception?

I believe the reception is for friends and family. I do not stay for the reception unless specifically asked. 

Is there any type of wedding you will not preform? 

I do not preform weddings that directly ostracize a group of people. I do not marry people under the age of 18. I will not say anything in your ceremony that goes against my personal beliefs of acceptance, love, and freedom. I also do not preform naked weddings (don't ask). 

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