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Couples should have the wedding of their dreams! I can help you with a quick ceremony or a full service wedding! 

Traditional, Non-Traditional, Multi-Faith, Alternative Faith, Athiest, LGBTQ, and more!

Come to me for FREE!

Work around my schedule and meet me at a location near where I am and we can do a ceremony in minutes. You will need to first file with your local courts and get your paperwork. This service can be provided at anytime of any day. I truly believe that people who are struggling financially should not be burdened with the cost of a wedding. 

Just the Paperwork

Are you looking to just get the legal paperwork done? I can provide a quick ceremony for you and assist you with obtaining your marriage certificate. ($25)

The Pre-Planned Package

Do you want to write every word of your ceremony? I will read it! This package requires one pre-wedding meeting (or more if you wish), a full script, and I suggest a rehearsal ($100)

The Personal Package

Do you want a wedding ceremony written for you? Do you need assistance with vows? Do you want to have your favorite show/movie/hobby incorporated? Whatever you are looking for, this is for you! I can create a personalized wedding ceremony while using your traditions, story, history, and more. This package requires 2 pre wedding meetings and I suggest a rehearsal.  ($150)

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